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Why I Love My Contracting and Construction Job!

Updated: May 4, 2019

I like making a difference in the lives of others. General contracting and construction projects allow me to make homes and communities a better place to live in, and increase the quality of life and comfort level for people. I care about St. Louis people and I care about my company MQA. If MQA makes my clients happy, then I’m fulfilled.

My passion for entrepreneurship comes from my family in Afghanistan. My very first job was working for my father as a child. In fact, my company is named after my father because he is my inspiration. My passion for construction definitely was inherited and came very natural to me.

MQA’s goals are quite simple: to continue receiving a variety of construction and general contracting jobs, both small and large, that make a difference in the lives of people in Saint Louis. In 10 years it’s hard to say where MQA will be — a lot can change in that amount of time. But I can easily say that we’ll be doing the same general contracting projects we’re doing now and more of them! The future is very bright for MQA.

I’d say there are 4 rules I stand for at MQA:

1. Doing it right by choice of materials and understanding the client’s needs

2. Honest, transparent service from bid to completion

3. Leaving the MQA mark on every completed job — our stamp of approval for a “Job Well Done”

4. Building safely, productively, and to the best standards!

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