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MQA is hiring!

You’ve got a lot of folks who are recently unemployed, but still don’t think of construction careers as an opportunity... There’s an impression that construction careers are like a job of last resort, and not a rewarding kind of middle-class career. Trust me when I say- this is a lot more rewarding than sitting in a cube farm. My people are courageous, curious, and collaborative. We are a big crew of different types of immigrants (South American, Middle East, Eastern European) who value others for their differences and champion them to take chances.

I love to teach others to problem solve, and I love new problems, so investing in others is what makes our company so unique, and is something we are extremely proud of. We understand that providing a satisfying work environment helps us to get the most out of our people, and is what ultimately leads to personal achievement. So if you are hard-working, dedicated, ambitious and interested in the long-term, the opportunities for a close-knit family community, continued professional development, and advancement are waiting for you. I encourage everyone that works for me to someday be an entrepreneur and boss. Let's build a whole network of companies, together!

From the projects we’re engaged in around St. Louis, to the people we hire and work with, our employees are exposed to a variety of environments, situations and people – all factors that ultimately help each and every one of us to grow both personally and professionally.

MQA consists of a mixture of individuals possessing an assortment of talents, backgrounds, personalities and levels of experience, and we all learn from each other. Whether you are a refugee or recent high-school graduate just starting out in your career, there’s a place for you at MQA. This diversity at all levels of our organization is the formula that builds stronger teams, greater understanding, better ideas and well-rounded decision making.

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