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Sadness about the Afghan evacuation

Many of my friends that worked with me, with the US, against terrorists in Afghanistan, were able to escape during the evacuation. 34 people that I sponsored for Special Immigrant Visas were approved and able to be evacuated. Many of them are now working for my company MQA, you can meet them and talk to them about their experience! No one is more grateful to be in America. But the evacuation was a disaster. 74 others were left behind in the hands of the terrorists. Many US troops, and many more Afghan civilians, were murdered by terrorists. Lance Corporal Jared from St. Louis was killed fighting for the freedom of my people. I am working to find ways to get my 74 friends out. I am pushing their paperwork through the proper visa channels in order to get them approved, if and when they do get out of the country. That way they can come to America, come to St. Louis, work hard, and reap the benefits of American freedom that I have achieved myself. If you have any ideas or ways to assist getting them out of Afghanistan, one by one, please let me know!

Lance Corporal Jared gave his life for our freedom.

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